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Bent Mountain, VA

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Clover Hill Angus is EXPANDING! Wanna specially branded CHA freezer in your retail location? Reach out to the Farmhouse and discover more about Clover Hill Angus USDA beef, pork, and chicken opportunities for your business. We’re looking forward to having you a part of the CHA family.

Owned & operated by Dave & Dawn Trible, The Grateful Produce opened to enhance produce buying options. Their idea is to bypass the middle-man, bringing quality, local fresh options straight to the community.
As residents of Bent Mountain for 29 yrs, their family-owned farm, Bottom Creek Farm, is at the heart of their produce stand. The Grateful Produce’s new, easy-access location, opening April 2022, will be a meeting hub of neighbors and visitors who understand the importance and value of local farm families.
Check out our CHA freezer stocked with USDA meat at 9513 Bent Mountain Rd, Bent Mountain, VA 24059.

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Clover Hill Angus. Offering local live Angus for processing. Farm to fork, when QUALITY matters.

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