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Clover Hill Angus partners with Sink Family Farms, LLC of Bent Mountain, Virginia. We focus on sustainable beef, living naturally, on top of the mountain nestled along the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. 


Cattle are natural soil fertilizers, and move from pasture to pasture building stronger, healthier animals. As a predominately grass-fed/grain-finished producer, our steers are free to roam foraging among wildlife and clover, enjoying fresh hay, and drinking crystal clear spring water.  


At Clover Hill Angus, we work hard at creating an overall better tasting beef for the community in which we live.


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Myths circulating about the cattle industry must be dispelled.

We’re a small family farm with family values. At the heart of our local business is respect.

Clover Hill Angus uses a family-owned processor for our meat who’s also a part of the farm-to-fork movement. They’ve been custom processing meat for years. Our butcher dry-ages beef for a minimum of 14-days, paying close attention not to combine your meat.

At Clover Hill Angus, we also maintain an environmental awareness of protecting our beautiful land and clean water resources.

We’re taking care of today, as sustainable farmers, for future generations

Clover Hill

What is Sustainable Beef?

  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Economic

Steers ethically raised

You can feel secure knowing our steers are raised well and respected. We believe in being stewards of the positive animal welfare. Our standards are high for  the animals we rely on.


Every animal selected to be a part of our program is humanely treated. They’re not stressed, harassed, or prodded. They’re our boyz and so much fun!

We make sure the live steer you purchase has hay and water before processing.

How we

Clover Hill Angus was born from a union of love and community need for delicious meat at affordable prices.


I married into the Sink family and recognized their passion. Farmer Man (as he’s affectionately called) and his family have been farming for generations. 


Our surrounding community is enjoying their hard work. From truck crop farming selling vegetables on the farmer’s market, orchards of fruit, to cattle, it’s in their DNA to raise a quality product.


When the COVID-19 pandemic took over our lives, it was challenging to find ways to feed our family or even find toilet paper, for that matter. While we can’t do anything about the toilet paper issues, we can do something for our community about the meat shortage. So, we decided to take our quality product to market, and Clover Hill Angus was born!


The name, Clover Hill Angus, comes from our beautiful fields of clover cattle graze on, and for all the fun we have scouring the hillsides finding four-leaf clovers.


Welcome to Clover Hill Angus.

Welcome to our family!


~Mary Kelly & Farmer Man Sink

Clover Hill Angus

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